ZenMate VPN Review

ZenMate vpn

The ordinary user’s demands will be met by the hit-and-miss ZenMate VPN service, which targets non-technical consumers looking for a more straightforward approach to safeguard their online anonymity. It offers an encrypted server to protect your IP address from businesses, authorities, and would-be hackers. It secures your identity and keeps your data hidden from those snooping online when using shared or public Wi-Fi.

ZenMate VPN’s review at a glance

  • ZenMate VPN Provider: Berlin-based ZenGuard BmbH, established in 2013
  • ZenMate VPN Servers: 4800+ servers, 80+ countries
  • ZenMate VPN Speed: Quick and reliable speeds 
  • ZenMate VPN Privacy: Encryption levels of256-bitt AES standards and CBC cipher, IPSec, IKEv2, and L2TP protocols only
  • ZenMate VPN Price: Three pricing tiers: 
  • A monthly plan costs $10.99/mo and has to be billed monthly.
  • A yearly plan costs $53.88 upfront ($4.49/mo currently on 59% sale price and has to be billed immediately)
  • $59.00 for three years upfront + 3 additional months free of cost ($1.51/mo currently with the best value package and has to be billed immediately)
  • ZenMate VPN Free Trial: 
  • 7-day free trial with unlimited connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

ZenMate VPN Provider

ZenMate is owned by Berlin-based ZenGuard BmbH, established in 2013, and had its headquarters there. It offers cross-platform security tools and services that encrypt and safeguard consumers‘ internet connections and online privacy. While you are using other networks, it safeguards your data by disguising your browser history, financial information, account passwords, and more from malicious online strangers.

ZenMate VPN Servers

ZenMate VPN has an extensive network of over forty-eight hundred servers in more than eighty countries for optimizing speeds and accessing geo-specific content. It protects the privacy of this data round the clock. ZenMate’s server network is not the biggest compared to other top-rated VPN providers but has a good-sized network and a reliable connection. The extra advantages of having many servers in various places include higher bandwidth, a lower chance of slowdowns, and last but not least, additional servers to connect to in case one is overwhelmed so that you may have better options for the same money. The intricate server array worldwide is the foundation for ZenMate VPN’s mission to make your online life safe and accessible.

ZenMate VPN Speed

On adjacent and distant servers, ZenMate offers quick and reliable speeds. Because it provides limitless bandwidth, your download rates won’t be slowed down when downloading big files. 

ZenMate VPN Price

With its affordable costs, especially for long-term plans, ZenMate may entice you. Pro and Ultimate are the two separate price tiers offered by ZenMate. Users of the Ultimate plan only receive support for P2P networks and OpenVPN. Ultimate is $10.99 for one month, $32.34 for six months, and $39.96 for 18 months. The sums will be charged at the time of purchase; however, choosing more extended plans still results in special discounts. The Pro plan alters the pricing structure: the shortest plan, a year, costs $23.88 while the longest, a month, costs $7.99. Therefore, it’s an excellent premium value even if it sacrifices essential features like OpenVPN support.

ZenMate VPN Free Trial

ZenMate provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to a 7-day free trial. As a result, you’ll have plenty of time to assess whether the service meets your standards. Additionally, they provide unlimited connections simultaneously, which is an outstanding deal.


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