Surfshark Review

SurfShark review

While using the internet, security & privacy are a priority for everyone!

And to make sure your data is in safe hands and is not fetchable, you require a dedicated VPN. A VPN that unleashes the full potential of the latest encryption services with a minimal effect on network speed. Right?

Looking at the essential features a VPN user requires, we tested several top-notch services and found Surf Shark; the way to go! As we go through, we’ll disclose the salient features, pros, and a why choose section;

Surfshark Review & Features

Launched in 2019, Surf Shark was a product to bless digital nomads with full control of their digital lives. In these years of digital lifestyle, Surf Shark VPN has managed to win several digital awards. It took its journey from an unknown VPN to the top five VPNs globally within a year.

Surfshark Security

Using the internet safe and sound requires full-fledge security. Surf Shark offers military-grade encryption (AES 256-bit) which matches the security level of government and military data.

As you turn off your VPN, its 100% diskless server network will wipe away all the data. This makes sure that your data isn’t traced by malicious programs and adware.

Surfshark Privacy

 As mentioned earlier, AES 256-bit encryption enables your browsing untraceable. Additionally, the WireGuard tunneling protocol is right there to minimize the speed reduction.

As we look at the VPN HQs (headquarters), it comes out to be in the Netherlands where there are no laws to track online activities.

As a result, there is a strict no logs policy in terms of Surf Shark!

Surfshark Servers & Locations:

Several websites and apps run in specific countries globally. To access them, we require a VPN that has servers located across the planet!

Surfshark offers dedicated 3200 services in over 60 countries across the globe. Servers are placed in such a pattern that there is minimal effect on network speed and connectivity.

Surfshark Speed

WireGuard protocols keep the network speed exactly similar to that without a VPN. As we performed tests on various tools and webpages, Surf Shark was a resilient service with mind blowing response rate.

Surfshark Customer Support

No matter whether a service is good or bad, there can be glitches coming your way. A VPN service may not respond or offer connectivity issues but a decent customer support can take care of that.

24/7 customer support is what Surfshark offers, just go to the help section and talk to their reps that are available around the year!

Surfshark Pricing

Last but not least, what are the pricing structures that Surfshark offers?

As you go through pricing, you’ll find out their packages start right from $2.49 per month which is simply a good value for money.

Additionally, if you’ve saved a few bucks for better internet, go for the two-year plan that can offer discounts of up to 82%.

No matter which country or state you reside in, Surfshark supports international payment gateways like PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and AliPay.

Surfshark Review – The Bottom Line

Trying our hands on Surfshark, we found security, speed, and privacy to be the focused approach towards their immense success!

Another word that comes to mind is smoothness meaning you’ll find no difference in ping and network speeds as you connect to a Virtual Private Network.

To overview their discounted pricing details, go through our friendly link and make your internet usage more secure and reliable!

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