Total AV VPN Review

total av vpn

Popular, cost-effective, and effective Total AV is antivirus software available on many computers, blocking the possibility of downloading malicious software.

Despite stiff competition in the crowded antivirus software industry, we found TotalAV, with its comparably low price, manages to compete with more expensive products. 

Let’s discuss everything in detail below. 

Is Total AV VPN the best in the Market? 

Total AV has been rated one of the best antivirus programs, with 30 million users worldwide. 

It offers excellent virus detection rates and an intuitive user interface for all levels of users; it also works on multiple devices, something many other popular antivirus services don’t do! 

Even better yet, Total AV costs less than most while still providing everything you need to keep your computer safe at all times. 

Total AV Antivirus App provides users with plenty of advanced security features such as real-time protection, ransomware detection, cloud scanning and anti-phishing protections depending on their subscription plan. 

Total AV can also offer a VPN and password manager at an affordable cost, giving you access to all your important tools in one place.

Pricing of Total AV VPN 

Total AV offers different subscription packages on top of a free plan. 

The cheapest Premium Plan costs $19.00 per year and will cover you for up to three devices while including security features that are necessary for those who want to take back control over their privacy. 

Total AV costs just $19 for 2 years ($39). 

Those prices increase to $119 per year after the first 12 months. It’s worth noting that auto-renewal is turned on, so make sure you turn it off if you want to avoid paying the full price! 

Those looking for even more robust solutions can always upgrade their plan anytime.

Pros of Total AV VPN 

Total AV VPN internet security software offers excellent protection against all internet threats, with a great desktop app and a basic free version. 

Their easy-to-use real-time protection will keep you safe at all times, while our optimization tools will help your devices run more efficiently. 

If you need any assistance, our friendly customer service advisors are always on hand to help.

Cons of Total AV VPN 

The Safe Search extension only protects a maximum of six devices, which may need to be more for some users. 

Additionally, the extension could be more user-friendly and safe, which sometimes works, leaving users vulnerable to online threats.

Final Takeaways! 

Total AV is a fully functional yet low-profile application that has plenty of character. 

In today’s market for consumer products, you need the character to stand out amongst all the others; this feat takes work to pull off in the antivirus software market. 

It’s a powerful program, no question about it—as well as being relatively light on computer resources – but improvements are needed before 

Total AV can compete against the bigger names. 

Suppose Total AV wants to both improve its reputation and increase its number of customers. 

In that case, it needs to make efforts towards greater transparency – namely, when it comes to how they handle automatic renewals.

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