VuzeVPN Review


When connected to VuzeVPN, you can access blocked content over a standard connection whenever you want to bypass ISP-configured blocks and access all sites and services. It offers a straightforward, easy-to-use interface and requires very little technical knowledge. You can use it anywhere, and the possibilities are endless. You won’t run across any limitations. VuzeVPN offers unfettered, limitless VPN service around-the-clock and masks your IP address from websites you visit. VuzeVPN provides the highest level of security and encryption while serving as an encrypted tunnel for all your browsing activities. It delivers on all fronts with the latest encryption technology that encrypts your online traffic with AES protection and masks your actual IP address at an affordable price.

Summary of VuzeVPN’s Review:

  • VuzeVPN Provider: Azureus Software, Inc, based in the US
  • VuzeVPN Servers: (50 Countries, 200 servers)
  • VuzeVPN Speed: Consistently exceptional speeds
  • VuzeVPN Privacy: 256-AES protection, Integrated Firewall, Automatic Wi-Fi protection, a built-in killswitch, and support for OpenVPN – the safest protocol.
  • VuzeVPN Price: Three pricing tiers
  • $11.95/mo for the monthly bundle;
  • $8.99/mo for a 6-month subscription;
  • $2.99/mo for a 12-month subscription;
  • VuzeVPN Free Trial: Seven-day free trial without upfront commitment and limited bandwidth of 50MB per day.

VuzeVPN Provider

VuzeVPN is a product of Azureus Software, Inc, the company behind the popular BitTorrent client Vuze. The VPN was created as an add-on for the torrent client, enabling safe and private torrenting and surfing. It is based in the US and offers a zero logs service, first-rate encryption, fast speeds, and several crucial features, including a kill switch and DNS leak prevention.

VuzeVPN Servers

VuzeVPN offers a minimal network of servers and manages to provide a reliable connection to many countries. VuzeVPN offers 200 servers across 50 countries, yet each is speedy and reliable. Some VPNs may present many servers, but they may also experience frequent connection drops and poor performance. While a more extensive network aids in getting over Geoblocks on streaming services, VuzeVPN guarantees that a functional server is always available for you.

VuzeVPN Speed

VuzeVPN claims to deliver consistently high speeds. It won’t disappoint you. It won’t decrease to less than 30 Mbps even when linked to servers farther away.

VuzeVPN Price

There are three options offered by VuzeVPN, all of which offer the same features and capabilities and the connection on up to five devices simultaneously with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all pricing tiers.

The first of these is an $11.95 monthly plan. The second choice is a 6-month plan that costs $8.99 per month, or $53.94 total, for the plan’s duration (save 25%), and the total upfront is billed immediately. The most considerable reduction is available on a 1-year plan, which costs $2.99 per month but is invoiced at $35.88 per 12 months (save 75%) with immediate upfront billing.

VuzeVPN Free Trial

By offering a free plan and a 7-day free premium trial, VuzeVPN enables you to test the service without making an upfront commitment. The 7-day free trial includes all services and unlimited access for free, unlike the cheap plan, which only delivers 50 MB per day.


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