Panda VPN Review 

panda vpn

PandaVPN is a new kid on the VPN scene, but it’s a contender for the top spot. With so many VPNs available, deciding which one is right for you can be challenging. 

In this article, we’ll look at some aspects of the VPN Panda and see how it stacks up against the competition. 

PandaVPN is one of the newer additions to the VPN world. They originally started in the world of internet security with their Panda Antivirus product. 

However, nowadays, many antivirus companies are beginning to expand into the VPN industry because of the increasing popularity of VPNs. 

PandaVPN offers a wide range of features and is a good option for those looking for a reliable and affordable VPN.

Why Panda VPN is your best choice?

Panda VPN is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a user-friendly VPN that doesn’t come with many extras that you might not need. 

The product is easy to use and will connect you to the server of your choice using one of their connection protocols. 

Panda VPN was created by Hotspot Shield, which is known for being a leading name in VPN security and reliability. 

You can trust that Panda VPN will protect your data and keep your PC secure. It’s a shame that customers can only connect to servers chosen for them because usually, it’s better when people have some degree of freedom. 

This is especially true for new services trying to find their place in a crowded market. However, there are signs that things will get better in the future. 

For example, there is a good VPN network, support for people who use torrents (even though we don’t yet know how this works), and a friendly client that shows all of the products from Panda in one place.

Panda VPN Price:

The free version of Panda VPN has some limitations compared to the paid plans. 

For example, you can only use 150MB of data daily, and only one location is available. In addition, device support is restricted to only one connection.

The paid versions of this service are the same, which is good because you don’t need to worry about any extra payment. 

However, if you choose the annual plan instead of the single monthly payments, you can save 25%. 

The monthly payments cost $9.99, but if you choose the yearly plan, it will only be around $7.44. The service and what it offers could be a bit cheaper.


Panda Dome offers easy access, unlimited bandwidth, AES 256-bit encryption, good speeds, and the ability to set proxy connections. It allows up to five connections.


Some potential cons of this product include that it may be short on features, DNS may leak, device support may be poor, and there could be potential connection errors.

Final Verdict!

Panda VPN is yet another example of the importance of online security tools. Panda’s immense popularity is based on their antivirus solution, but they could change the market by delivering a complete VPN package. However, Panda VPN lacks important features, DNS leaks, and user tweaks.


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